Dove express treatment conditioner review

 Hello everyone!

Today I am reviewing the Dove express treatment conditioner 


This conditioner is a life saver! 

I can not explain how dry my hair was (through years and years of dyeing and bleaching).

I found this and all my problems was solved (yes really!)

My hair was so so soft afterwards, honestly, it’s amazing!

You leave it on  for a minute after you shampoo your hair like normal, then you wash it off.

You use it instead of your normal conditioner.

I got it because it was on sale, I am so happy that I  did!

Here is two shops I found it in:

Superdrug -£3.99 (or 3 for 2 at the moment) No international shipping, UK only.

Boots – £3.99 –  Some international shipping (has a list of countries).

It is probably available in your  local supermarket, or pharmacy.

I rate this product a 5, I love this product.

Love and hugs



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