Eyeliner and eyeshadow tip

Hello everyone!

I found a tip online to get a straight line for your eye-shadow and eyeliner. 

So I thought I’d give it a go, and guess what it is the most simple idea ever!

I wondered why I had never heard of it before.

I mean, I may be really late to the party, and you probably already know it.

But it’s putting sellotape or scotch tape is what some people use on the corner of your eyes.

This gives you a perfect line for your eye-shadow and liner.

And when you have finished, you take it off carefully because it is very delicate in that area.

To clarify where you put the tape, I’ve included a picture below

Picture is from here I do not take any credit from it, all credit goes to the link I added.

Love and hugs



2 thoughts on “Eyeliner and eyeshadow tip

  1. Couldn’t you just put a piece of paper over it for the second or so you apply it? I’m a male so never do this, but seems ultra dangerous and a greater risk than needed for the purpose to use selotape. Has vanity got to the point where it’s worth ripping off your eye lids to look pretty?

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