Do’s and don’ts for makeup

Hello everyone!

Today I am writing about the simple Do’s and Don’ts about makeup.

Everything from foundation, to eyeliner.

Makeup DO’S

DO use a foundation that matches your skin tone. Always, try the foundation out before buying, never buy without doing that, because if you do, and you get home, and it’s a totally different colour, then you won’t be happy. Try the foundation by starting at your cheek and go down to your jawline, and make sure it matches your neck colour.

DO apply eyeliner as close to the lash line as you can. Use a magnified mirror if it helps you.

DO shade and define your eyes. It is always good not to match the eye-shadow to your eye colour. E.G: don’t use blue if you have blue eyes etc..

DO use good brushes, don’t use the brushes that come in the packaging, this will help your makeup look a little bit more professional the better the brushes (hard to believe, but it’s true).

DO check your makeup in a magnified mirror, just to make sure that you haven’t missed anything.

DO make sure that your lip liner and lipstick match! This is a massive one, countless times I have seen pictures of people that have decided that brown lip liner and pink lipstick look good together. It really doesn’t. Always make sure they are in the same colour family. It doesn’t have to be a perfect match, but stick to the same colour family.

DO take it easy on the powder, do not over do it. Even with the translucent powder. 

DO keep your brushes clean and sanitized. 

DO apply mascara to your whole lashes, start from your roots zig zagging to the ends, this will separate your lashes.

DO shape your eyebrows, but make sure you don’t over pluck and that the eyebrows are the right shape.

Makeup Don’ts

DON’T use a concealer that is too light or too dark. No yellow, orange or purple tones. Use a concealer that is just a shade or two lighter.

DON’T skip the lips. 

DON’T over do the mascara. 

DON’T stripe the blusher. Apply it using soft sweeping motions, apply your normal powder if you think you have put too much on or need to get rid of lines.

DON’T over do your eyebrows. 

DON’T over do the glitter or shine. 

DON’T forget the SPF, even in the winter.

Love and hugs



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