Go shimmer eye dust review

Hello everyone!

Today I am reviewing the Go shimmer eye dust.

Processed with Moldiv

This is the first time I’d ever had a Go product. To be honest, I’d never even heard of it before! I am so impressed with it!

It is a pearlescent kind of white (if that makes sense?)

I brought it off ebay, I tried to look for it online, but couldn’t find anything.

I really do love the colour, and the shimmer to it is nice. I have tried it with numerous other colours of eye shadow and it still looks nice.

It has a brush applicator. The packaging is a massive downfall, it is hard to get the product onto it. You have to kind of wriggle  the brush applicator in the slit, sometimes I turn it upside down to get more onto it. That is the only downfall for it really.

Overall, I think it is worth buying and giving it a go.

I rate this product a 4.

Love and hugs



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