Wedding makeup wednesday

Hello everyone!

So it is 24 weeks and 3 days until I get married to my soul mate,

and you know how it is for a beauty obsessed person, I have been trying to perfect my 

wedding makeup.

So I thought I’d dedicate a post every Wednesday until my big day to

wedding makeup, and hopefully you will enjoy the posts!

Bridal makeup tips:

1- Consider your climate when you are getting married. If you are getting married

in somewhere hot, make sure you get oil free makeup, and keep

oil free blotting sheets available.

2- Consider applying a bit more makeup then usual. There is mixed opinions on this one.

Some people say that the camera will wash out your makeup,

so apply more, some people think differently, I think, when you practice your makeup,

always take a photo. That way you will know whether it is the right amount or not.

3 – Make sure to use a primer, you should already use one,

but really do make sure you do when you do your wedding makeup.

4 – Always apply makeup with sponge or brush. I usually apply my makeup with my fingers.

However, you will want to avoid touching your face as much as possible

when you do your wedding makeup.

5 – Put concealer on after your foundation. Again, this is something you

should really be doing anyway.

6 – Use different types of concealers if needed. You will need something

a little bit more peachy for under your eyes.

7 – Use an eye shadow primer, once again, this is something

you should be doing anyway, but it is vital for your wedding makeup.

8 – Try a cream blush for a more natural look.

9 – Smile when you apply your blush and apply to the apples of your cheeks.

10 – Use an eyebrow pencil. Always go a shade or two lighter than your natural

hair colour.

11 – Use eye enhancing techniques.

12 – Always use waterproof makeup.

13 – Put lip balm on your lips before applying anything else.

14 – Carry a few touch up items in a makeup bag.

15 – Play it safe, don’t do anything too drastic.

Adapted from Cosmopolitan. 

Love and hugs



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