First half of my MUA haul

Hello everyone!

Well, today I received my first MUA haul from Superdrug.

I ordered a ton of stuff off their website as well, however that has not been dispatched yet. Annoyed!

Anyway, yes I admit I have problem! LOL.

2014-04-16 07.05.57 2014-04-16 07.06.06

I will be posting reviews/pictures etc as soon as I get to try it all! LOL.

Love and hugs



5 thoughts on “First half of my MUA haul

  1. Sorry I just have a strange question lol. I just started my blog and I’m just wondering how to do something , you know how all your posts give the option to click on it to read more well mine is just the giant post . Is there a way you do this or will it just automatically when I add more ??

    • Hey beautywithsarahc, whether or not you get the “read more” button depends on what theme you use. Some themes automatically have that. I believe there is also a way to manually insert a read more option in your post when you are writing it. Hope this helps.

      • Darn, must not come with mine! Of course the one I like the most eh haha! I tried to look around on my app to see if there was a way to add that read more option in but I’m not seeing anything I’ll have to look again when I get on the laptop

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