Top 5 makeup brands

Hello everyone!

So, I thought I would make a post about my favourite makeup brands.

  1. MUA – As you should know from so many posts. I adore the MUA range, honestly, I have so much MUA products,  it’s un real! I love it because of how cheap it is and it is so good quality!
  2. Elf – I love the ELF products, they are really reasonable priced, and very good quality. I don’t like all of the products, however the ones I do, I really love.
  3. 2-true – I love the 2-true range, the range is only available from Superdrug if I am honest. It is so cheap, and the quality is good. I don’t think I have had a bad product from them.
  4. Avon – I love Avon products, they are a bit more expensive then other products I buy, however, they are worth it. I haven’t really had a product that I did not like.
  5. NYC – I haven’t had too many products from them, however the ones I have had I really do love.

Love and hugs



One thought on “Top 5 makeup brands

  1. I LOVE Elf, it’s the company that hogs most of my collection! 😀 I haven’t tried MUA, but from seeing all of your reviews, I have to! 😀

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